Invent Organization defines the new Plain for the critical process of Invention.

CreFlex Invent identifies the impediments to Contemporary Invention.

CreFlex Invent formulates a new environment for Invention.

CFX Invent sets out the new directions for Invention

Since the 1980’s we have seen the most barren period of invention in recent human history. This may seem an exaggeration – but the reality is in this period we have had major developments such as in computers, communications and travel but there have been no major applicable inventions.

It is the direction and values of the modern world that has lead to the collapse in invention. Invention has not kept up with developments because the system does not allow it to.

This coincides with a time when invention has become critical to solve the deep problems of our own making.

It is necessary to identify the reasons for this and to find and apply the remedial action.

The Greatest Invention of all – the structure and environment for Invention.